Captain Caribbean Calendar - 2018

It has been a wild ride since Hurricane Irma took our beloved McGregor II in Sept. of 2017!!
Last season we worked on an 83’ Ferretti based in the Virgin Islands. We then took a summer job on a private yacht, a 103’ Broward.
It was based out of Vancouver Island and we cruised the Inside Passage until August.
October found us back in Ft Lauderdale, where we are happy to say that we found our new boat, McGregor III. She is a beautiful 2001 60’ Jefferson Motor Yacht and is layed out very similar to Greggie.
After a 1200 mile delivery from Florida,
we are back in St Thomas, living once again on our mooring off Water Island. Needless to say, it is GREAT to be back!!!

Captain's Caribbean Calendar - FEBRUARY

Yachtfish_Stability_Test Hatteras_Stability

We had a little bit of time off this February, so we scheduled the last remaining requirement to complete our MCA compliance....... the ever dreaded Stability test.

Down in the BVI, you have to book a reservation at Nanny Cay Marina, where they expect your boat to fit into the tiniest slip one could ever imagine. When you are settled in, they bring these big blue barrel jugs that they are going to put on your boat and fill with water. Once filled up, they check on how much your boat lists (tilts) to the side.

As we were beginning to put the barrels in place, the main surveyor showed up and with a smirk said, "This is clearly a waste of time! How much does your boat weigh?"

When I told him, "45 tons", he assured us that McGregor II will no doubt pass with ease. So, we began filling the barrels with seawater, 11 in all and waited for Greggie to start to lean….Well, there was not much leaning going on.

The exact measurement was 0.47, not even 1%. McGregor is a strong, well built vessel and did indeed pass with no problem.

That being done, the surveyors submitted their report to Her Royal Majesty's Shipping Registrar and we were issued our completed MCA certificate. Needless to say, we are very glad to have that behind us and our guests can be assured that we have met all current standards for safety and yachting requirements.

Captain's Caribbean Calendar - MARCH

Picking up a charter soon...looking like a stellar powerboat day!Flat seas make a beautiful Powerboat day

Captain's Caribbean Calendar - DECEMBER

Christmas Cruise

Who says there is no "Chill" in A

Caribbean Christmas

Happy Holidays Everyone!!

Captain's Caribbean Calendar - JUNE

Drone shot over the bow of boat
Good friends and professional photographers Steve and Janet Simonsen joined us for a week of updating some of his BVI photos AND he brought his new drone, which was so awesome to see in action!!

Captain's Caribbean Calendar - MARCH

BVI Waters
Spring has arrived and that means Smooth Cruising on McGregor!!

Captain's Caribbean Calendar - FEBRUARY

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Captain's Caribbean Calendar - DECEMBER

Maho Beach in December
Early December is always a great time... Anchorages and beaches are all yours!!

Captain's Caribbean Calendar - NOVEMBER

Calm water in Sir Francis Drake Channel
Time to get this season underway... looks like a pretty good start!!

Captain's Caribbean Calendar - SEPTEMBER

Summer Sunset over the Water
Starting to look forward to some Caribbean Sunsets!

Captain's Caribbean Calendar - MAY

Beach at Spring Bay, Virgin Gorda

May is such a quiet month the the Islands...
Clear blue sky and white powdered sugar sand!
Our lucky kayaker has it all to herself at Spring Bay, Virgin Gorda!!

Captain's Caribbean Calendar - APRIL

Ariel Photo of McGregor

We have been sitting in Maho Bay, St. John catching up on some varnish when who shows up but our good friend and awesome photographer, Steve Simonsen. You won't believe how he managed to capture this shot of McGregor… Way too cool!!!

20th Anniversary Cruise

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Captain's Caribbean Calendar - NOVEMBER

First Charter of the 3013/2014 Season Read More…

Captain's Caribbean Calendar - MAY

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Captain's Caribbean Calendar - MARCH

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Captain's Caribbean Calendar - FEBRUARY

Beautiful rainbow over St. Thomas!! The weather has been fantastic lately. 84 degrees in the day and around 71 at night. Perfect sleeping temps!!Rainbow over the water

Captain's Caribbean Calendar - JANUARY

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Captain's Caribbean Calendar - NOVEMBER

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