Captain's Caribbean Calendar - APRIL

Steve's boat, Jackson, has been getting a major "refit". He showed up the other day and we joined him for his first dive since going back in the water. Thanks Steven Simonsen, looking forward to many more!!!!

Steve Simonsen an Underwater Photographer

Captain's Caribbean Calendar - APRIL

SCUBA diving with my Dad
It's always fun when Julie joins in for the diving. This week was extra special...Diving with Dad!

Captain's Caribbean Calendar - JUNE

Diving the RMS Rhone

Great family SCUBA dive on the Wreck of the RMS Rhone!
Coming out of the swim through in the shallow section by the rudder and propellor.

Captain's Caribbean Calendar - MARCH

Into to SCUBA course

Captain always enjoys taking new families on McGregor out for their first SCUBA adventure!
In March, all four of our charter groups gave diving a try. The beautiful calm weather made for excellent diving conditions and wonderful memories!!

Captain's Caribbean Calendar - JANUARY

New SCUBA Compressor Aboard

For years, we have gone round and round about wether or not to buy a dive compressor. This week, one of our friends had a brand new one for sale, and when opportunity knocks… That now brings up an interesting question:
  • Was the Captain really just taking tanks to be filled on shore, or was it just a reason to take the guests and visit the numerous beach bars conveniently located next to the dive shops???
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