Captain's Caribbean Calendar - OCTOBER

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Hatteras heading back into the water

Guests always wonder what it takes to get ready for the boating season.

Every October, we head back to Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbor where McGregor has been hauled out for the summer. We spend several weeks doing maintenance and various jobs that our charter guests rarely see.

This year, after some research with our good friends at Sam's Marine and combing the Hatteras Tech Talk forum, we tackled a big project. Taking apart our 8" diameter exhaust risers, reinforcing a few of their fittings, and replacing all the hoses was a bigger job than we expected!

We also drilled a 3 3/4" hole in the bottom of the boat (YIKES) so we could install a transducer for our new Garmin GPSMAP 741xs. Not only is it a chart plotter, GPS, and fish finder, but we can now tell our guests some very important information - The Temperature of the Water…which, has been a balmy 82 degrees.

Next up on the project list was to take out the old fiberglass battery boxes, replace the floor with a new sheet of 3/4" marine plywood and fiberglass it in. The finishing touch was installing new heavy duty Todd Marine battery boxes.

Some yearly maintenance includes sanding McGregor's bottom and laying a fresh new coat of bottom paint. As if that's not enough, Captain Tim gets his workout in by waxing the hull and cabin top.

It is always an exciting, yet anxious day when the 100 ton Travel Lift comes to pick us up and carry us to the yacht basin….Back in the water, where McGregor II belongs!

Captain's Caribbean Calandar - SEPTEMBER

Snow is coming and Captain ready.
Why do I keep thinking of the saying,

The Beach is Calling and I must GO

Captain Tim in Colorado

Captain's Caribbean Calendar - AUGUST

Goat Cheese Poppers with Blueberry Beet Salad.
Add a little Lemon Ginger Vinaigrette...
Could be a keeper!

Yacht Charter Recipe Ideas

Gourmet Salad by Chef Julie

Captain's Caribbean Calendar - JULY

After several weeks of bilges and batteries,
it's now time for flowers & veggie gardens!!!

Chef Julie's Garden

Captain's Caribbean Calendar - JUNE

Happy/Sad time of year! Safely hauled out for the summer!

Captain Tim Cleaning Boat's Bottom Paint

Charter Crew Vacation

Captain's Caribbean Calendar - MAY

Sometimes it is good to have a few weeks off from charters. Over-hauling DD 1's entire cooling system. New water pump, new Turbo, hoses & clamps. Our Detroit Diesel's Rock!!!

Crew doing Yacht Maintenance

Motor Yacht Maintenance

Captain's Caribbean Calendar - APRIL

Steve's boat, Jackson, has been getting a major "refit". He showed up the other day and we joined him for his first dive since going back in the water. Thanks Steven Simonsen, looking forward to many more!!!!

Steve Simonsen an Underwater Photographer

Captain's Caribbean Calendar - MARCH

Picking up a charter soon...looking like a stellar powerboat day!Flat seas make a beautiful Powerboat day

Captain's Caribbean Calendar - FEBRUARY

It's Happy Hour & we have been experimenting with some new cocktails! This one could be a keeper...Coconut Mint Mojitos with fresh mint from our herb garden. Oh Yeah!
Coconut cocktails at Sunset

Caribbean Octopus Encounter

After a month of fun holiday charters, we have been hanging out at Secret Anchorage 415789er catching up on varnish and projects and, of course, we met some new friends!!
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