Captain's Caribbean Calendar - DECEMBER

Maho Beach in December
Early December is always a great time... Anchorages and beaches are all yours!!

Captain's Caribbean Calendar - NOVEMBER

Calm water in Sir Francis Drake Channel
Time to get this season underway... looks like a pretty good start!!

Captain's Caribbean Calendar - OCTOBER

Repainting our Cockpit
October is back to the boatyard! Projects include painting & shaking the cockpit... and hanging new headliner...Not sure which one Julie enjoyed more?!?@??

Captain's Caribbean Calendar - SEPTEMBER

Summer Sunset over the Water
Starting to look forward to some Caribbean Sunsets!

Captain's Caribbean Calendar - AUGUST

Summer Landscaping

Our friends from St. Thomas showed up just in time to help us with our big summer project...
Hauling 8 tons of moss rock & gravel up from the driveway will definitely get us in shape for next season!!

Captain's Caribbean Calendar - JULY

Selfie by BVI crew

July is Haul-Out month...

Captain's Caribbean Calendar - JUNE

Diving the RMS Rhone

Great family SCUBA dive on the Wreck of the RMS Rhone!
Coming out of the swim through in the shallow section by the rudder and propellor.

Captain's Caribbean Calendar - MAY

Beach at Spring Bay, Virgin Gorda

May is such a quiet month the the Islands...
Clear blue sky and white powdered sugar sand!
Our lucky kayaker has it all to herself at Spring Bay, Virgin Gorda!!

Captain's Caribbean Calendar - APRIL

Ariel Photo of McGregor

We have been sitting in Maho Bay, St. John catching up on some varnish when who shows up but our good friend and awesome photographer, Steve Simonsen. You won't believe how he managed to capture this shot of McGregor… Way too cool!!!

Captain's Caribbean Calendar - MARCH

Into to SCUBA course

Captain always enjoys taking new families on McGregor out for their first SCUBA adventure!
In March, all four of our charter groups gave diving a try. The beautiful calm weather made for excellent diving conditions and wonderful memories!!

Captain's Caribbean Calendar - FEBRUARY

Lunch on A Yacht

Captain's Caribbean Calendar - JANUARY

New SCUBA Compressor Aboard

For years, we have gone round and round about wether or not to buy a dive compressor. This week, one of our friends had a brand new one for sale, and when opportunity knocks… That now brings up an interesting question:
  • Was the Captain really just taking tanks to be filled on shore, or was it just a reason to take the guests and visit the numerous beach bars conveniently located next to the dive shops???
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